Social Security Options



Why does Social Security have to be so complicated?

You have many options when you start Social Security, and the wrong decision can cost you 50% of your maximum benefit!  We work with you to show your options and how to Maximize your benefits.  Your options depend on your marital status.  If you are married, your spouse’s decision impacts when you start Social Security.  If you are divorced, we show you how to determine divorced-spouse benefits.  What are your options if you were married more than once – we will show you.  We know how Social Security benefits work and we show you the impact of each option.

You don’t have to become an expert because we guide you through the process of comparing your options.  We recommend that you call Social Security to get their advice, but don’t stop there.   We recommend that you talk with our experienced, independent, advisors to compare and contrast your options.  Don’t go it alone because these decisions become permanent – most people who have started Social Security cannot make any changes



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